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This website is founded by Prasun Bannerjee. The website shall provide the knowledge and tips to the enthusiasts, in more basic language and keeping the things simplest, as far as possible. More emphasis will be given to the amateurs when it comes to write tutorials. When it comes for the product launches, utmost care will be taken to write the genuine reviews and/or specifications/details of the products. Still unknowingly if any error or mistake creeps in, you can always write to the team at pixelbing[at]gmail[dot]com. We’ll be more than happy to talk to you.

The name PixelBing comes from two different words: Pixel and Bing. Pixel is defined as the smallest element of an image that can be individually processed, and Bing as a pile or a heap. Therefore, a combination of two words collectively represent digital imaging. And that’s the sole commitment of this blog, to provide our readers every possible knowledge related to photography digitally.



This blog is an independent self hosted blog. The blog does not have any sort of connection with, and does not, in any way imitate or take direct or indirect benefit from Microsoft ® Bing ® or Microsoft ® Windows ® in terms of nomenclature, typography, or color schemes, though the designers of the PixelBing logo are deeply impressed with the metro UI and with all due respect the credits for inspiration of typography and using flat color schemes instead of gradients go to Microsoft ®


Microsoft ®, Bing ®, and Windows ® are registered trademarks with Microsoft ® Corporation, and is their sole property, and do not have a connection with this blog.

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