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Know about Cameras: History and Types

The craze for capturing the moments finds its history to 1000 AD, when the first camera was born. It was a simple pin-hole camera, invented by Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham) which was also called the Camera Obscura, and also came up with a valid reason for why the image was recorded in inverted position, or simply, upside down. But, the images were used only for viewing purposes, and it was after many years, in 1827, that John Nicephore Niepce made the first photographic image with the help of the above mentioned Camera Obscura. Though the first appreciable effort, this one needed too much research and development, as the photographic plate needed more than eight hours of exposure to the image to be captured, and the recorded image would soon fade away. After many years of sweat, pain and hardwork, a French guy, Louis Daguerre was able to bring the span of exposure time within half an hour.

Soon entered the negative-positive processes, the wet plate negatives, then the dry plates, color films, and soon, the electronic imaging technology came into existence. The electronic imaging technology uses a cluster or a group of image sensors comprising of CMOS sensor or CCD (Charged Coupled Devices) in place of the photographic film in a camera. Each light sensor on the CCD is called a pixel. It is known to all of you that more the density of pixels, sharper the image output.

I guess it’s enough about the history of camera and photography technology. Now its time to have a look on the various types of cameras. Of course, many of them are either outdated, or extinct, or just evolved into something else, and also, there are just too many of them to be listed. I’m just mentioning a few popular and historical ones along with their images, which you can always click to enlarge, which would seem like a junk to those who aren’t interested. To them, my word is to keep waiting, coming soon are the articles you would find interesting for yourself. And to the people, who are indeed interested in knowing about it, please proceed below.

1.        Range Finder Camera:

Types of Cameras | PixelBing.com
Rangefinder Camera

These types of cameras came equipped with a rangefinder with them. These are called “rangefinder” cameras because they focus using a dual-image rangefinding device. There’s a ring, which is calibrated, or in simple language, are turned, so that the two superimposed images line up to get you in a perfect focus state. There’s a separate window provided at the top of the camera, so one doesn’t look through the lens actually, hence it’s a great disadvantage of using a rangefinder, as the person shooting with rangefinder doesn’t get an idea of the final image, if he is shooting some long distance object using a telephoto lens, or a macro lens.


Types of Cameras | PixelBing.com
Twin Lens Reflex


2.       Twin Lens Reflex Camera:

This type of camera became popular in the post World War-II era. I still find it as antique showcase stuff in royal homes and families. This type of cam has two separate lenses, with identical focal length, one below the other. The lower lens exposes the image directly on the film, whereas the upper one bends the photograph by a right angle with the help of a mirror, and acts as a viewfinder. It hence the photographer gets an idea of how will the picture be looking while taking it.


3.       Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera:

Types of Cameras | PixelBing.com
Digital SLR

Almost everyone is desperate about this particular type of camera, afterall it has evolved as the best camera species for shooting pictures. What makes it the best is the sophisticated system, a single control that cocks the shutter for the next exposure, advances the film, and returns the mirror to focusing position.  Mirror? Oh yes, mirror. This camera actually uses a reflex mirror that bounces light up from the lens onto a flat ground-glass screen. SLRs see exactly what the lens does. No matter how long or short your lens, or the distance to the subject, an SLR provides you the what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) experience.


Types of Cameras | PixelBing.com
Point and Shoot Camera

4.      Point and Shoot Camera:

The point and shoot cameras began their history as a camera with no zoom and a viewfinder or range finder. It was a people’s camera, now a days, with advancement in technologies, this type of camera is now almost in every home. Zooming is now possible in them, the viewfinder is now replaced by the LCD screen in maximum models available now a days. Now a days, these camera also have got additional focusing features, which also includes infrared laser focus tracking, just like the Radar or a Sonar does in its functionality.


5.      Bridge Camera:

Types of Cameras | PixelBing.com
Bridge Camera

These cameras are a bridge which fill the niche between the Point and Shoot, and SLR camera, providing the people an intermediate platform. These generally come with a high zoom capacity, a better imaging quality than the point and shoot type.

These cameras contain more manual settings as compared to a Point and Shoot Camera, but lack from a DSLR in providing so many ISO Settings, lens changing facilities, and also, and optical viewfinder. Generally these cameras are equipped with high zoom functionality, so these are also known at times as Superzoom, Megazoom, Ultrazoom etc, and also sometimes as Semi-DSLRs

Types of Cameras | PixelBing.com

6.      Instant Camera:

As the name suggest, these are the cameras which click a picture, and instantly generate a developed print of the same. The most popular types use a self developing film, formerly made by the Polaroid Corporation; hence at times the instant cameras are also called Polaroid cameras.


These were a brief glimpse to the history and variety of cameras and photography, will soon meet you with another article. Till then, stay tuned.